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Transferring & Summer

Transferring Schools

The best time to transfer to another school is at the start of a new semester. You should always notify Mr. King well in advance so all of the proper paper work is completed and taken through the District Alternative Placement Committee.

Transfers to East Stanislaus need to be made at the beginning of the six week block schedules.

When transferring out of Valley Oak Online Learning Academy, please return all books and pay off any fines before you leave. Ask your teacher to make out a report card, pick up a transcript of all your grades and credits, and a copy of your shot records at our office.

Summer School

Summer School is held at Oakdale High School.  It generally starts the week after graduation.  Two sessions are held each summer.  You can take one class first session and earn five credits.  If you take another class second session you would earn an additional five credits for a total of ten.

Summer School is a good way for Valley Oak students to complete the classroom portion of drivers training since we cannot offer this class through the independent study strategy.

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