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Attendance Policy

Students must come in each week for a one hour meeting and have at least four of their regular book subjects completed or it is counted as an absence.  It is extremely important for the student and parent to make a commitment to have their student at the meeting on time with their work completed.  Families should keep their meeting days and times in mind when planning their schedules so they don't miss this important meeting.  Missing one weekly meeting is equivalent to missing a whole week of school.  Students will be dropped if they miss three meetings in a row or if they miss five meetings through the whole school year.  Parents may ask for an evaluation for possible re-entry.

The only excused absence are when a student is ill and the parents get the completed work to the site of the appointment before the regular meeting time so the teacher can correct the work during their regular meeting time. If this procedure is followed the student will not receive an absence.

Vacations and leaves must be arranged at least one week in advance.  Parent must deliver a letter to Mr. King(for approval) stating the situation and dates involved.

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