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Our Vision

The vision of Valley Oak Online Learning Academy is to teach students who require an online learning experience, giving them the opportunity to participate in and complete grade level, rigorous, and meaningful curriculum. This provides them with the education needed to not only matriculate to the next grade level, but also to eventually graduate with A-G requirements met and with the confidence and skills needed to succeed in college or career. Families play an integral role in their children’s education and as their students move through Valley Oak Online Learning Academy, the support and encouragement of families will be essential. 

Our Mission

Valley Oak Online Learning Academy believes that every student is entitled to an educational environment that best suits his or her academic abilities, learning styles, and personal needs. At Valley Oak Online Learning Academy, an independent study school for grades 1-12, students will develop skills for successful living and work toward becoming productive and responsible citizens, prepared returning to traditional school and/or for college and career. The teacher’s role is to be the student's guide, mentor, and advocate. The parent/caregiver role is to be actively involved throughout their children’s education in both the work the student does as they progress and in the culture of the school. When students, teachers, and families work together, success will happen.

School Culture

  • Students are actively engaged in their academic coursework.

  • Parents and student advocates utilize Edgenuity tools and resources to monitor student learning

  • Faculty and staff work to design and implement programs appropriate for students.

  • Faculty engage in ongoing, individual professional improvement.


  • Success is achieved by collective and individual engagement.

  • Students show progress within their courses in an appropriate amount of time.

  • Students complete their courses within their specified amount of time.

  • Parents, guardians, and school officials are engaged with their students’ education.

  • Students meet with the teacher for a minimum of one hour weekly.

  • Students have the opportunity to actively communicate with teachers and school community.

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